Recipe of the Week: Autumn Sweet Potato & Kale Salad

Today marks the first day of Autumn! What does this mean for all you cooks and eaters out there? Autumn is the season for tasty lunches and warm, hearty dinners to fight off the chill as the leaves change and the wind picks up.

Be sure to take advantage of all this season has to offer from the garden, and don’t be afraid to mix it up! Warm roasted veggies pair well with fall fruit, and toasty nuts add protein and tons of flavor to any salad. Sturdy greens like kale add structure and can hold up to heartier additions like roasted pumpkin or squash, plus at vitamins and fiber to keep your immune and digestive systems working well. Don’t forget to explore adding nuts, seeds, or berries to your salad too! Cranberries add bright flavor and are loaded with vitamins too!

An autumn salad can create a meal that covers all the groups in MyPlate in one tasty meal! Autumn salads are fun to make, and there are no rules, so feel free to switch up anything you have handy or like to eat!

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