Create Family Mealtime: Quick Bread

Creating a quick bread is a fun way to get the whole family involved in the kitchen. Quick breads are an easy and tasty way to combine the grains group with fruit or veggies (or both!). Quick breads are just like the name implies: quick to make!

Unlike the yeast-risen breads we are used to using for sandwiches and toast, quick breads use a chemical agent to add lightness and air bubbles. Baking is chemistry, and using baking soda or baking powder is much like any other chemistry experiment. Careful measuring will allow you to have just the right chemical reaction and you’ll have a really yummy result!

Using the Create a Quick Bread handout below, you can make baking a quick bread a fun activity for your family. Once you know if you’d like a sweet quick bread or a savory quick bread, you can draw ingredients out of a hat, or let a roll of the dice decide what you’ll add to your quick bread batter!

First look through your kitchen and find a few ingredients from each category on the handout below.Are you using herbs? spices? whole wheat flour? cornmeal? nuts? seeds? cinnamon sugar?

Next, choose how to pick your ingredients! Are you rolling dice? Wearing a blindfold? Writing choices on slips of paper and drawing from a hat? Every family’s kitchen is different, so choose what works for you! Consider how many MyPlate groups you can put into your quick bread, or how adding a quick bread to your meal can help you complete a MyPlate friendly family mealtime!

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