Recipe of the Week: Roasted Beet & Bean Dip

This week Captain Create has a tasty snack recipe for you that is bright pink and packed with nutrition! Family Mealtime Month is a great time to try out new fun recipes, and help build healthy habits for the whole family. This tasty Roasted Beet & Bean dip recipe will help everyone (even the grown ups!) learn new ways to eat a rainbow of veggies to get more vitamins in their day.

Beets are a delightful fall vegetable that grow in the ground, and you can eat both the beet and greens! Today’s recipe focuses on roasting the root, then whizzing it up in the food processor with beans and seasoning to make a dip worthy of cut veggies, toasted pita bread, or even a sandwich or wrap! Don’t worry, roasting beets is easy, and Captain Create’s friend Kerry has a wonderful, and very detailed, tutorial on how to do roast beets in your oven (Click here).

Why beets? They’re in season this time of year, and are a great source of vitamins and minerals like folate, manganese, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, copper, and potassium. Beets get their deep color from the betalain pigment, which you can find in other deep red/purple foods.

Try this recipe it out, and have your family work together to find other beet recipes you’d like to try.

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