Tip of the Week: Create a Dessert for Family Mealtime Month!

While breakfast is the most important meal of the day, dessert is the most fun to make! This week, Captain Create has a fun activity to make getting dinner on the table something your whole family can help do, and it can make choosing what you’re having after dinner a lot more fun!

Everyone can help out at mealtime; its not just a job for the grown-ups! Did you know, when everyone helps to prepare a meal, they are more likely to also try new things? No matter the job you get to do in the kitchen, it all adds up to an enjoyable family mealtime. Setting the table can change your dinner from a quick pit stop in the kitchen to a chance to relax and talk about your day. Captain Create has an easy to follow diagram to help the even the youngest kitchen helper to set the table.

Now that the table is set, let’s think about food! Choosing meals can be a team effort, and later this month Captain Create will share some meal planning tips to help you, and your family, choose tasty meals that everyone can enjoy. Until then, lets think about something sweet!

Let’s Create a Fruity Dessert!

September is part of the harvest season in Utah, and there are lots of fruit options available locally. Fruit trees grow well in much of Utah, which means peaches, plums, pears, and apples are all available. There are also still berries growing across the state, especially blackberries and raspberries. No time to go to the market? Have strawberries in your freezer from earlier this summer? Use them!

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