Tip of the Week: Fruit For Dessert!

Summer harvests are just starting to increase as more and more foods finish their growing season. A whole lot of different fruits and veggies are available this time of year, which means you can create nearly anything to eat, any time of day. Eating seasonally means eating choosing foods that are growing and ready in the same place, or at least nearby, as where you live.

Summer in Utah means hot weather, afternoon storms, and lots and lots of produce to eat! Do you see anything you’d like on the list below? It is not a list of everything that may be ready to eat, and not all of them grow in Utah, but it’s got a lot of options.

Fresh fruit and a glass of cold water can be a tasty afternoon pick me up, or eating fresh fruit to dessert can boost the number of fruit servings you can eat in a day. Remember, most people need 2-3 servings of fruit each day, and eating a rainbow of colors adds interest and different vitamins too.

Captain Create has a few tips to make adding whatever fruit you have to dessert, and following these easy steps will help you create the fruity dessert of your dreams!

Captain Create made a Summer Berry Crisp and topped it with tasty vanilla ice cream!

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