Tip of the Week: Create A Skillet Meal // Greek Chicken & Zucchini

Summer nights are perfect for playing outside with your friends and family, but that also means dinnertime can sneak up on us. Get the whole family involved in creating dinner with Captain Create’s handy CREATE A SKILLET MEAL pro tips.

Simply choose something from each category, stir it all up in a skillet, and set the table! There are no rules, so take advantage of what is growing in your garden, or what you found at the market this week.

Two cups of veggies might sound like a lot, and you can mix and match until you have the perfect combo. Zucchini, yellow squash, and tomatoes are brightly colored and make any dish prettier.

Greens like swiss chard, kale, and bok choi add a bunch of vitamins, and different herbs can take you on a tiny dinnertime vacation. Italian, Southwestern, or Greek seasoning combinations can take a simple dish to new heights. There are no rules, so make it exactly how you’d like!

Captain Create’s favorite this week is a Greek Skillet Meal, because who wouldn’t enjoy a tiny dinner-table vacation to the mountains and ocean views of Greece? Remember, you can add or change anything you’d like to make this skillet meal your own.

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