Nutrition Tip of the Week: Find it at the Farmer’s Market

Did you know that Utah is a great state for growing food? No matter where you are in Utah, you can probably find a farmer nearby. Some parts of Utah are flat, and have water nearby to grow crops that grow in the dirt like onions, potatoes, carrots, beets and turnips, or just above the dirt like tomatoes, eggplant, squash, zucchini, and cucumbers. Other parts of Utah are sloped places at the edges of big mountains, which creates the perfect place to grow fruit trees!

Farmer’s Markets are an easy place to meet the farmers, learn about how they grow the food, and probably taste something new! Some folks grow veggies and fruit, some raise animals to sell, and others make things like soap from goats milk, or knit with yarn spun from the wool of their sheep. Every market is different, so they are a fun place to stop, meet some farmers, and maybe learn about something new. There are markets all over Utah, so keep your eyes open!

Some farmers markets even offer Double Up Food Bucks, which means you can use your SNAP/EBT benefits at the market! This means that you, and your family, can get locally grown produce at its freshest, and the farmers get to sell what they’ve grown, which will keep their farm working and allow them to grow more! Find those markets here: https://www.uah.org/get-help/snap-farmers-market.

If going to the market seems like a big day with a lot to do, there are many things for kids to do at markets. They can practice their directions, reading signs, or using their manners when they talk to new people or buy something. Captain Create has a fun Scavenger hunt to help kids look around! Try it out and see how many things you can find at the next farmer’s market.

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