Recipe of the Week: Bake a Loaf of Bread

While the cheese may be the star of a grilled cheese sandwich, the bread is the structure that makes it all possible! This year for National Grilled Cheese Month, consider making your own whole wheat bread for your easy, and healthy, grilled cheese sandwich. Whole grains provide long-lasting energy, plus fiber, vitamins, and minerals that help our bodies work well.

There are lots of shapes you can choose for your loaf, from the usual loaf pan shape, to a boule (French for bowl, that looks just like an upside down bowl or like a blob), or an artisan loaf (which is another blob, but longer and thinner and a bit more loaf shaped). These blob shapes bake well and hold their shape better if you give them a few slashes across the top with a knife so steam can escape. You can also add all sorts of tasty bits to your loaf, like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or even oatmeal before the loaf bakes. Things like these can add more nutrition and make the loaf more interesting for your taste buds!

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