Recipe of the Week: Dragon Noodles with Lime Shrimp

Ready for an easy weeknight meal that is a little bit different, but not so different the whole family will be too chicken to try it? Today, Captain Create has a recipe for Dragon Noodles! They originated in the Shandong Province in China, and are named that because the long thin noodles look a bit like the beard on a Chinese dragon, and are spicy like the fire the dragon can make.

Dragons are a very important part of Chinese history, culture, and mythology. They are often used to symbolize luck, power, and strength so the Emperor’s put them on their buildings and flags to show the power they also had. Sometimes the dragons have wings and sometimes not, but they always have long beards!

The noodles we can get most often in the US that most closely look like the beard of a dragon are instant packet ramen noodles! Other shops, like Asian food markets, would have lo mein noodles or vermicelli that could also be used because they are long and thin.

If you don’ t have or like shrimp, chicken works well in this recipe too, and you can use any fresh or frozen veggies you have handy, and the frozen stir-fry blend works well in a pinch.

Try this recipe out and let Captain Create know how spicy you make it! The Garlic Chili sauce in the recipe is most often in the Asian section of grocery stores, with a green lid and is red paste you can see through the sides of the jar. Its spicy, so feel free to change the amount you use, depending on how spicy your family likes their food.

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