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Recipe of the Week: Spinach Pesto Pasta

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and in the USA, that means GREEN THINGS ALL DAY! Today’s easy pasta recipe is bright green, full of flavor, and quick to make! You can use any shape of pasta, whether its a fun shape or a long noodle, and you can add in any and all veggies you’d like.

Does Spinach Pesto Pasta have anything to do with St Paddy or Ireland? Not at all, but it is a bright green meal, and fits the theme if you’re making a green supper for tonight! Irish folks have been known to eat pasta, although its not part of traditional Irish cuisine, but they will forgive us.

Try this quick and easy pasta recipe today, and report back if you create a new dish from this starting point; Captain Create loves to know what recipes are your favorites!

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