Nutrition Tip of the Week: Eat in Season // Spring Vegetable Pasta Salad

The clocks have changed and spring is coming closer and closer! This means new-grown vegetables, longer days, and more time outside to play! Easy and healthy meals that you can make ahead and enjoy all week are a spring and summer staple. Spend more time outside and less time in the kitchen with a little bit of meal prep. Adding whichever seasonal vegetables you have handy is a great way to eat simply, with seasonal and healthy fruits and vegetables.

Eating seasonally means that you eat what is growing at the time as often as you can; eating radishes, asparagus, and peas in spring counts as eating seasonally, but pumpkins are not in season in the spring because they are ready to eat in the fall. Pumpkin pie is not a spring food! Grocery stores work hard to fly in fresh fruits and vegetables from all around the world, so that you can eat anything you want to any time of year, but the prices are usually a lot higher when that food is not in season.

It will take a bit of planning, but eating seasonally can be simple. Farmers markets and home gardens, even little gardens in pots in the window, are a great way to add some seasonal eating to your life! Check out the CREATES recipes series on CreateBetterHealth.org for tips to create your own recipes based on the foods you have at home or in your garden.

Captain Create has an easy spring pasta salad recipe to share, and remember that there are no rules, you can use any vegetables you’d like, or change the herbs for different ones too! Be creative!

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