Nutrition Tip of the Week: Plan for Snack Success

After school snacks are a big deal; learning all day uses a lot of energy! Captain Create has a few tips and tricks to make after school snack time less like a feeding frenzy on the savannah, and more like a quick stop in the kitchen before homework or play starts!

Take a few minutes each week to plan after school snack time with your family. Consider looking in the weekly grocery store ad, or shopping in your own pantry to make a list. Letting everyone in the family help to write the list of possible after school snacks makes it more likely that these after school snacks will get eaten up after school each day.

Captain Create loves a healthy after school snack that will keep your brain and body going until dinner time! By combining three food groups from the MyPlate plate, you are already almost done.

A filling snack to satisfy any hungry tummy (and brain) has THREE EASY PARTS:

  • 1- Grain: Whole grains work hard in your body! They give your brain energy, help fuel your muscles, and keep you full with fiber!
  • 2- Fruit or Veggie– Fruits and Veggies bring vitamins, minerals, and lots of flavor to your snacktime. Did Captain Create mention that they taste really good?! Especially with a tasty dip or sauce!
  • 3- Protein: Foods from the protein group keep your tummy full, help to build your muscles for lots of after school yoga, running, jumping, or even a walk around the block.

Try planning your after school snacks ahead of time to make them easy to find and eat!

Gather the family with a pen and paper and think, think, think!

What is growing right now? What is your favorite fruit or veggie?

Was there a sale at the store? Are there leftovers in the fridge you can upgrade?

Go check the freezer and pantry too; Frozen & canned foods have lots of nutrition in them!

Here are a few snacks Captain Create likes to make to keep his energy up all afternoon. Try them, then make up your own favorite combination of Grains, Fruits & Veggies, and Protein!

Sometimes you can make a snack that is so tasty you want to eat it everyday. That’s okay! Do it! Then, when you decide to try a new one, go try that one!

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