Twelve Days of Soup: Day 1; Christmas Green Pea Soup

The Twelve Days of Christmas start on Christmas Day, Dec 25th and end January 5th, on Epiphany. Its also in the middle of winter and cold outside! Instead of partridges, swans, and nine lords a’leaping, how about we celebrate the Twelve Days of Soup?!

On the First Day of Soup, Captain Create shared with me: Christmas Green Pea Soup from Czechoslovakia. The bright green color adds to the festivity of Christmas Day! This soup can be served in small portions between the salad course and main dish, or as part of a holiday buffet. Don’t skip the croutons, which add another texture to make your mouth happy!

While we all know that a recipe will lead to a tried and true soup to eat, soup is king of the No-Rules Recipes, so feel free to mix up, change up, or even just look at the photo for inspiration, instead of feeling like you must follow the recipes perfectly (and have fun in the kitchen!)

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