Recipe of the Week: Apple Cinnamon French Toast Bake

Some mornings (like Christmas morning) are busy! It’s easy to fill up on candy and give yourself a tummy ache for lunch, but not with Captain Create’s easy Apple Cinnamon French Toast Bake!

This is a fun recipe to make as a family on Christmas Eve as you get ready for the Big Man to pay a visit. Smaller kids can cut or tear the bread into pieces, medium sized kids can measure and pour, and anyone can add cinnamon and sprinkles (everything tastes better with sprinkles) then you can put it in the oven first thing Christmas morning, and breakfast is ready when all the gifts are open!

You’ll have a bunch of good whole grain powered energy to play with toys or play games during the day. The cinnamon apples add the fruit component, so all you need is a glass of milk to make a complete meal on the MyPlate plate! What a good breakfast!

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