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Eat in Season: Persimmons

Persimmons mean fall is over! They are ripe and in season in late fall/early winter and can be found in lots of places like grocery stores, or in farmers markets that bring in fruit from California. (Utah is not ideal for persimmon growing!) They are beautiful and delicious, and tasting them is a good idea!

Persimmons are of the plant family called¬†Diospyros,¬†which in Greek means “divine food” or “fruit of the gods.”1 They are prized in many parts of the world and are considered Japan’s national fruit!1

Something so yummy must be worth a try right?! Hachiya persimmons, which have a pointy end, are usually known as the “mushy” ones, because they are sweet and jelly-like when they are ripe and can be eaten with a spoon right out the skin.2 When they say mushy, then mean mushy, like a tomato that is overripe2, and be warned that eating one will make a mess; some people just lean over the sink so that the fruit doesn’t drip on their clothes.

The Fuyu persimmons are edible when they are firm and crisp, like and apple, or you can slice it up in salad, or bake with it.2 They also soften as they get more ripe, and if you wait long enough they will get squishy and need to be eaten at the sink too.

They are very lightly flavored, like they have a hint of honey and cinnamon in them, but possibly not. Nothing else in the world tastes like either variety of persimmon. Captain Create found some Fuyu Persimmons this week at a roadside stand and after eating a few for an after school snack, he decided to bake with them and share the recipe with you!

Today, Captain Create’s tiny helper make cinnamon & persimmon scones.

They are quick and easy, plus have whole grains to give extra energy!



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