Nutrition Tip of the Week: Fall for Fruit!

Many photos of the fall season are full of pretty shades of orange, yellow, and green squashes, toasted brown nuts, and bright stalks of corn, but don’t usually show many fruits. There are lots of fruits in season in the fall though!

Some fall fruits are often part of the usual menu for fall feasts like cranberries and apples, but don’t forget that lemons, limes, oranges, grapes, figs, and tropical fruit like guava, kumquats, and tangerines are all in season in the fall! What does “in season” mean?

Well, simply put, that is when most of the fruits or vegetables naturally grow in and around the place you live, which means there are a lot of the fruit or vegetables nearby, and cost less to pick and take to the store or market.

Try mixing up a few of the tasty fall fruits you have for a yummy salad! Any combination of fruit you like will taste great with the light yogurt dressing Captain Create has for you below.

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