Nutrition Tips

Nutrition Tip of the Week: Snack before Trick or Treating

Trick or Treating is lots of fun, and uses up lots of energy to walk (or run) from house to house (or car to car) to gather all the treats and/or toys. But eating up all those treats and candy while you walk is a recipe for disaster!

Don’t over-do the sweets and have an upset tummy before the night is through; eat snacks that will give you all-evening energy before the sweet ending to a fun night.

There are lots of ways to upgrade your regular dinner options to exciting and spooky Halloween themed snacks. Stuffed bell peppers can become stuffed Jack-O’Lanterns, sandwiches can become Monster Sandwiches, string cheese and pretzels can become Witches Brooms, peeled nectarines resemble tiny pumpkins, and a few carefully placed mini chocolate chips turn bananas into ghosts!

Captain Create’s friend Candi has a whole section of her Create Better Health Utah blog dedicated to tried and true spooky snacks that are sure to get all the costumed folks at your house through the wild night that is Halloween!

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