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Nutrition Tip of the Week: Celebrate National Taco Day!

There are no rules when you make tacos, and every family has their own secret family recipe… What do you add to your tacos? You can add an entire rainbow of veggies to keep your body healthy and moving. October 4th is National Taco Day (sometimes it is even on a Tuesday!) and Captain Create has a rainbow of reasons to have tacos with your family and friends today.

Start your tacos with whole grains: corn tortillas or chips, whole wheat flour tortillas, brown rice, or other whole grains make a great base.

Add protein for muscle building: Beans, lean meats like fish, chicken, turkey, or beef can all help your body build muscles to keep you running, jumping and climbing.

Finally, stack up a rainbow of veggies and take a big bite! What do each of the colors do?

Skip the extra salt in pre-mixed taco seasoning by making your own at home! Captain Create’s crew has a never-fail taco seasoning recipe that you can make, then change up to make the perfect family recipe for all your taco mixing needs.

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