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Nutrition Tip of the Week: Peachy Summer Days

It is finally peach season! We’ve been waiting for it since last year, and we’ve got recipes ready!

Peaches are part of the stone fruit family and are full of vitamins, minerals, and flavor. You can find peaches growing on trees at farms, in people’s yards, and for sale and farmer’s markets and in grocery stores. Going to a pick-your-own orchard is a fun way to spend time outside with your family and get to enjoy fresh fruit at the peak of its season.

There are two basic types of peaches; clingstone and freestone. It is just like it sounds: some peaches are hard to remove the stone because the fruit “clings” to it, while others, the stone is just in the middle and falls out when the peach is split.

Peaches are grown worldwide now, but archaeologists think that they are originally from China. Ancient peach pits have been found throughout the world, including Japan, India, Greece, Spain, and even the American Southwest. Most likely, trading fruit and seeds along the Silk Road, then across the Atlantic Ocean with the Spanish Conquerors to the Americas, spread peaches across the globe. Most of the peaches grown in the USA are from European peach trees. The Navajo Nation has a very different peach tree that has adapted to growing in the desert. Peaches are everywhere!

What is your favorite way to eat a peach?

Do you pick them off the tree and take a bite? Do you sprinkle cinnamon on slices? Peaches are great any time of day, whether you eat them in oatmeal for breakfast, with cottage cheese for a snack, or in cobbler or crisp for dessert. Peaches are also great to grill and put with roasted pork or on a crunchy salad with toasted nuts. There are no wrong ways to eat a peach; Try them today while they are in season!

Captain Create has a simple peach crisp recipe you can make with your family (take them to the farmers market to find locally grown peaches!) or try out a recipe from Candi over at the Create Better Health Blog.

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