Summer means Tomato Season!

Tomatoes are a late summer food and can be any size, shape and color, even though we think of red round tomatoes first. Tomatoes originated in Central and South America. The seeds were spread by travelers and explorers and now grow all over the world. There are over 10,000 different kinds of tomato, and quite a few probably haven’t been documented yet! Different colors in the tomato means that there are also different vitamins for your body to use.

Tomatoes are in-season from July through mid-September, and can be found in gardens and at farmers markets all over Utah. Family trips to the farmers market are a great way to find new and interesting foods to eat, and you get to meet the farmers too! Find a Utah farmer’s market here: (https://www.uah.org/get-help/snap-farmers-market)

How do you like to eat a garden tomato?

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