Nutrition Tip of the Week: Hydrate in the Heat

It is a HOT HOT SUMMER out there folks, and staying hydrated is a great way to stay happy and healthy! But Captain Create, how much water do I need? There is no “magic number” to tell us exactly how much water anyone needs in a day; 8 glasses a day is a myth! Children and teens should have free access to water and drink when they are thirsty, especially if it is hot outside, or when they are very active. Water is the best choice for thirst quenching! Only drinking sports drinks, and other drinks like them with added sugar, can upset stomachs, cause nausea and diarrhea. Stick with water!

Why is water so important? Our bodies are made up of nearly 90% water, and it is used in almost every function our body uses to keep us alive. It is in our blood, eyes, and even our bones. It moves food through our digestive system to our cells, keeps our eyes wet, keeps our lungs working, and maintains our temperature. You can’t live without it, and need to drink water every day.

Want a little more flavor without any extra sugar? What about adding a choice from the fruit or vegetable category too?! Infused water is one way to make water more fun!

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