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What’s For Dinner Wednesday- Veggie Pizzas!

Need a quick and easy dinner any kid can help put together!? How about a build-it-yourself pizza?

If you have a pizza crust, then great! Use that! If that is not something you’ve got already, you could build mini pizzas on a flatbread or english muffin or even a bagel.

Smaller humans love to help put stuff together, and this usually means they will eat it, even when there are new foods they haven’t tried before as an option. This tiny girl used a pita bread to make a pizza that just fit her plate and small hands. Orange bell peppers were the new food, and all of them were crunched up as she ate her “fancy” pizza.

How many rainbow veggies can you put on your pizza?! (Yes, tomatoes count as a fruit if you want them to, although they taste like a vegetable.)

Simply rummage through the fridge, freezer, or garden for as many veggies as you can find in the rainbow, a few herbs, a handful of cheese and you are good to go! Let the kids (and adults) decorate their pizzas in any design they like to make a hands-on, and delicious dinner.

Not into making recipes up as you go? Try this Garden Veggie Pizza out instead.

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