Nutrition Tip of the Week: Pick a Peck of Peas!

Peas are a spring fruit (yes! a fruit!) that add a bright green flavor and lots of nutrients to any dish they are in. They’re easy to grow and you can pick a whole lot in a hurry. How much is in a peck though?! A peck of peas is 31 cups!

Many children (and grandpas) are known to enjoy picking peas and eating them right in the garden instead of taking them in the house! They are easy to grow, and taste great young when the pods are sweet and crunchy, and when they are fully grown when you can open the pods and pick out all the peas to eat or cook.

Peas are like tomatoes: they are fruits that are eaten as vegetables because of their flowers. They are classified in the plant world as fruits because the seeds grow from a flower. There are many varieties of peas, and they grow worldwide, which means they are added to lots of different foods.

Have you grown peas before? Now is the perfect time to plant them in Utah, and you’ll be eating peas in now time.

Try them in this quick and easy recipe:

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