Nutrition Tip of the Week: Simple Swaps

Simple swaps are easy ways to add more nutrients to every bite of food you cook, and can happen in any recipe you already know and love!

Swapping out an ingredient or snack for a healthier version is a great way to start making changes in your day without switching all your food for something new! Swap that can of pop for a lemonade or water. Swap that candybar for a banana and a handful of toasted nuts.

Swaps taste great!

1 thought on “Nutrition Tip of the Week: Simple Swaps”

  1. Last year, my cousin gave me a gluten free pasta. So, I tried to cook it with some ingredients that are already available at home and you know what, it absolutely doesn’t taste bad at all. 😍 And I totally agree with you, you don’t need to change everything. Small changes can still create a good impact towards our health. 😉

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