Tip of the Week: Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggs are a delicious addition to any healthy diet! They are packed full of protein for our muscles, and vitamins and minerals to keep our insides working they way they are supposed to. The white and yolk of an egg has calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, B vitamins, and choline for us to enjoy.1 You can enjoy the benefits of eating eggs no matter how you cook them,

With Easter on the way, many people want to be sure they cook their boiled eggs just right, and Captain Create has an easy way that works every time!

Are Easter Eggs Safe to Eat?

Yes, as long as you store them in the refrigerator, hide them in places above the ground and away from bacterial sources such as pets and dirt, and toss any eggs that are cracked, dirty or have been out of the fridge for more than two hours.2 They also should be washed, re-refrigerated and used within one week to prevent food poisoning.2

Better yet, minimize health risks by cooking two sets of eggs. Use one set for an Easter egg hunt or centerpiece display, and the other for eating. That way, the eggs you eat can stay properly refrigerated. Also consider using plastic eggs for hiding.2

Why Is the Inside of a Hard-Boiled Egg Green?

A green ring on a hard-boiled yolk is a result of overcooking.2 It’s caused by sulfur and iron compounds in the egg reacting on the yolk’s surface.2 The green-colored yolk is safe to eat.2

Save that egg boiling water!

Don’t dump this calcium rich water down the drain, and instead let it cool and feed it to your garden! Tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers can get a condition called blossom-end rot which makes nasty looking fruit and veggies3. Its caused by the plant not getting enough calcium3, so using this high-calcium water as part of a consistent garden-watering routine can help keep your fruit and veggies growing up right!


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