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Nutrition Tip of The Week: Manners Matter!

Eating meals with our friends and family at home is a great time to learn new and try new things in a safe place. This way, when you go to a restaurant or party, your good manners will stick with you and you’ll enjoy the food and celebrations more!

Manners are something to learn as a family to make mealtimes more enjoyable. Things like saying “please”, “thank you”, and “you’re welcome” at home at the table will make them a long-term habit when you’re not at the table. Not only do manners matter so you can be polite at the table, they also help prevent the spread of germs, help encourage family conversations, and make everyone’s day a little more pleasant.

Are these folks using good manners at the table?

It doesn’t look like it does it?! Eating foods right out of the jar, stuffing food in our faces with our hands, and putting our feet on the table are not good manners!

How about these folks?!

Much better!

Captain Create has a few table manners tips to help your family perfect their mealtime manners and Create Family Mealtime fun!

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