Around the World In 80 Plates: Irish Soda Bread in Ireland

What better place to spend St. Patrick’s Day than Ireland!? Its green and gorgeous, full of friendly people with a unique language and accent, and yummy food!

Ireland is an island just east of Great Britain, and is known as the Emerald Isle. It has tall mountains and lush valleys filled with every shade of green you can think of. It gets cold and windy near the ocean, and the winters can be cold, but in summer, everyone is outside enjoying the landscape and green plants.

Boys often play a historic sport: Hurling. (Like baseball and softball are almost the same game, but not quite in Ireland, they have hurling for boys and similar Camogie for girls). They play all summer long, and the big teams get to compete in the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship, which is the Gaelic Athletic Association’s premier inter-county hurling tournament. It was established in 1887! See if think you could run and jump for an hour long game of hurling!

All that hurling probably makes the players hungry, and Captain Create knows a chef who is also an expert when it comes to the foods of Ireland! Darina Allen loves Ireland and Irish food. She teaches cooking and gardening at her cookery school, and she believes that growing and eating the traditional foods of your ancestors is one of the most satisfying ways to eat.

She has shared a recipe today that will make a great companion to a traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal of Irish Stew or Corned Beef and Cabbage. Soda bread is an Irish tradition that has become a staple in many households, and is used to mop up stews and has become symbol of celebration. It’s baked in almost every house for Saint Patrick‚Äôs Day. Are you ready to try this quick and easy bread with your family? You will need a grown up to help mix it up and to take out of the oven.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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