Recipe of the Week: Create Amazing Veggies

Captain Create has gone to Juab County to make amazing veggies with his friend Laurie! She loves to create new dishes, and she practices varying her veggies by cooking what is in season. Looks like colorful squash and zuchinni are some of her favorites. Let’s cook Amazing Veggies with Laurie today!

Today she chose to roast her favorites in the oven with her favorite dried herbs blend from Create Better Health Utah’s handy spice blends chart, found here:

Look how pretty her veggies are!

Sometimes veggies can take a long time to roast, so while you’re patiently waiting for your yummy veggies, you can ask a grown-up print this fun worksheet and plan a meal or two! Be sure to add your favorite fruits, veggies, whole grains, and a yummy protein.

  • Do you remember how big a serving is?
  • How many servings from each food group do you need each day?
  • What will you drink? Milk is a good choice, but juice might go with your plan better.

Its up to you to create what you like!

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