Recipe of the Week: Whole Wheat Bread

Captain Create has a fun family recipe for you all to try this week, and his friend B has demonstrated it for us! Do you remember how many servings from the grains group you need try to eat each day? That’s right! 6 servings may sound like a lot, but one slice of sandwich bread is a serving. Its easy to get them all in, and its best you can make half, if not all the servings whole grain.

Who remembers why whole grain has more for our bodies to use than white, or refined grains? Look at all those yummy brown bits to give you energy and help your body do its thing!

Let’s get cooking with B! This is a project that takes a little bit of time, and is a great activity to do with grown ups. Let the grown ups tell stories about their favorite sandwiches, or about when they cooked while they were growing up. You can also find The Little Red Hen at the library or online to read while you wait for the yeast to do its job and puff up the dough.

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