Tip of the Week: Ramen Upgrades for Extra Nutrition

It is cold out there today, and a great way to warm up quickly is with a bowl of hot noodle soup, like instant ramen. Everyone loves noodles!

We all know and love those little packets of noodles, but the “flavor packets” are loaded with extra salt and stuff our bodies don’t need. An easy way to add lots of flavor without the high sodium is to skip the packet and add other seasonings. Most people call this a “Ramen Upgrade”.

Upgrading your instant ramen noodles only takes an extra step, or two, to create new and flavorful meals that are easy to make. Usually you can add things from your cupboard, or even leftovers from the fridge to create new, yummy ramen meals. If you’re a lover of noodles, add ramen upgrades to your meal plan so you can be sure to have all that you need on noodle day.

Check out Captain Create’s Top 5 Ramen Noodle Upgrades below, and tell us your favorite ramen upgrade in the comments!

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