Recipe of the Week: Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are in season in the winter, and make a yummy addition to any winter meal. The Brussels sprout is a member of the Brassica family (like cabbages) and they’re grown for their edible buds. They look like miniature cabbages! The Brussels sprout has long been popular in Brussels, Belgium, from which it gained its name.

Roasting them is an easy way to bring out all their wonderful flavors without sacrificing any nutrition they have inside. They are packed with vitamins K, A, and C, plus calcium, phosphorus, and have no cholesterol. They look like tiny cabbages, but grow on a tall leafy stalk. They can grow green ones and purple ones, and they take all summer to grow, so they are ready in the fall. They don’t like it too hot, though, so if you’re in the desert, you might have to buy them from someone that lives in a colder place.

When you get them home, wash them and trim off any torn leaves, and trim the bottom stump a little, then cut them in half for roasting. They are tough, so a grown up will need a sharp knife and cutting board.

Let’s get cooking!

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