Around the World in 80 Plates: Melbourne, Australia

Happy spring from down under!

Captain Create is in Melbourne today, in the southern state of Victoria, Australia.

Near the Yarra Ranges National Park, the Tasman Sea, and the southernmost point of continental Australia, Melbourne is a fun-filled city with lots of fun people eating good food. When they are not hiking, biking, or swimming, they play cricket in Australia, and they LOVE it. Some people describe cricket like American baseball, but that not very accurate. While both games include hitting a ball with a stick and hoping the other team doesn’t catch it, they are very different in rules and type of play. Some professional cricket games go on for days!

All the Aussies I know told me about the favorite snack of Australia too. Want to know what it is?

Fairy Bread!

It is an easy to make snack with only a few rules… toasty bread, a thin layer of butter, and hundreds and thousands sprinkled over the top. Hundreds and thousands in the USA are called nonpareils, and are in the sprinkles and baking section at the store.

You can even make your own bread to try out fairy bread, and Captain Create has a recipe!

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