Recipe of the Week: Bell Pepper & Hummus Turkeys

A fun and easy way to keep kids eating their veggies during the holidays is to have them help make the snacks! Making veggies a big part of holidays (or anyday) makes choosing to eat them easy!

Kids love to help in the kitchen and this project only needs a little bit of cutting from a grown up to get it ready. Here is a checklist to get what you need; there are dip recipes linked below too!

First carve the top out of a bell pepper, then tap it to get the seeds out. You may need to pick out some of the bitter white pith with your fingers too.

Next, you’ll need a grown up to carve out the head, and to slice other peppers to make tail feathers, and a slice of carrot for a beak.

We filled our turkeys with hummus, and you can fill it with any dip you want to make. Here are some links to yummy dip recipes:

Tiny man used cherry tomatoes for eyeballs, and our other turkey got pepper eyes that were glued on hummus. Then we added the tail feathers!

Get the whole family to help make these tasty turkey treats, and share your creations with us in the comments!

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