Around the World in 80 Plates: Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a beautiful, and really really old city in Central Europe. A favorite meal from Hungary almost always involves paprikas, or bell peppers. Captain Create’s friend Joy says, “They eat paprikas with almost everything. Instead of ketchup, everywhere there’s varying degrees of smashed pepper goo. It’s delicious.” She spent almost two years living there and eating Hungarian food, and she has shared her favorite for us to all try!

She makes this when she is missing Hungary, and all the fun people she met there, and sometimes uses rainbow peppers for more color, or skips the meat if she is in the mood for veggies. You serve this over noodles, and you can make homemade Hungarian noodles, called Csipetke, or just boil some noodles while the stew cooks.

The River Danube flows right through the middle of the city of Budapest, and there are hills on one side and flatter plains on the other. Hungary was established in about 1000 AD, and was invaded and controlled by other regimes until its first democratic election and government in 1990!

It is a beautiful place, and certainly worth a visit someday!

In Hungary, they speak Hungarian. It’s an Uric language, which means the sounds are very different from English, which is a Germanic language. You can find videos of people speaking Hungarian online.

The National Sport of Hungary is football (soccer) and they play wearing their country’s colors: red, white, and green. Everyone plays as kids and adults, and they always cheer for their national team.

As always, Captain Create loves to see what you and your family cook! Share with us if you make this recipe!

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