To Ireland for Samhain!

Ireland is famous for lush green landscapes and redheads, but there is a lot more that this amazing country has to offer! The Irish have a rich history of legends, knights and castles, and Celtic traditions that still impact the world today. One of the most famous, Samhain (prounouced sah-ween) led us to a top holiday we still celebrate: Halloween!

The eve of November 1st was traditionally known asĀ Samhain, which translates to “end of summer” and is the end of the Celtic year and the start of winter. Samhain is considered a time for reflection and a festival of remembrance for the dead, which is held on the eve of November 1st (October 31st). The old Irish- Celtic holidays have not been completely overshadowed by Halloween in their home country, and you can bring a little bit of Ireland to your fall celebrations with some yummy food!

Why not make a hearty Irish stew and Colcannon to warm you up and give you lots of energy to safely Trick or Treat in your costume for a few pieces of candy?

The stew is a slow stew made with mutton or lamb (you can use beef too!), so start it early and let it cook for a couple hours in the oven, or up to 4 in a crock pot on high. Adding a whole wheat roll to this meal is a great idea!

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