It’s National Pumpkin Day!

How are you going to celebrate?! We carved our Jack-o-Lanterns this morning to celebrate, and we are making a pumpkin day snack too. First, collect all the “guts” from your pumpkins. This can get messy, so have your favorite grown-ups help you!

Next, separate the seeds from the pulp, and rinse off any extra bits. Usually your seeds will float to the top, so you can drain and dry them for the next step. We used a pasta strainer and then a dishtowel.

Once our seeds were washed and dried, we picked a seasoning flavor the whole family would like: Big Farm Style. You can pick any flavor combination your family will like, and Captain Create’s recipe team has a bunch of different spice blends for you! These easy make these blends can be used for anything!

Now that you’ve chosen a seasoning blend for your seeds, lets get roasting! Pre-heat your oven to only 325 degrees F. Its a low temperature for roasting, but that will give us nice and crispy seeds!

Roast the seeds for 30 to 45 minutes, stirring them a bit in the middle of roasting. Let the seeds cool all the way before you eat them; the middle of the seeds can stay hot for a long time!

Captain Create loves to see what you and your families make, so share your favorite pumpkin seed seasoning recipe with us!

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