Create a Spooky Soup!

As it cools off outside and the leaves fall, it marks the start of soup season! Soups are a great way to add all, or most, of the food groups to one meal without a lot of dishes to wash after!

Creating a Soup is easy: Choose ingredients from each category and mix them in your favorite pot. If you know any spells for extra family mealtime fun, say them while you cook.

Older kids, and their adults at home, can also use a little creativity to add “pumpkins” with the carrots you already have to your soup!

Be careful, and cut the carrots in to small, manageable pieces before you start. Carrot pumpkins and black bowtie pasta will add a little bit of spooky to any noodle soup recipe you can think up!

Put on your pointy hat and mix up something delicious with your family tonight! Candi over at Create Better Health Utah has a whole page of yummy soup recipes to try, including a pumpkin full of sausage and kale soup! Yum!

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