Around the World in 80 Plates: Thailand

What a long way for Captain Create to go in his balloon! Today he is in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, in southeast Asia. Thailand is famous for tall mountains, elephants, tropical beaches, very fancy royal palaces, ancient ruins and temples displaying figures of Buddha.

Bangkok is a modern city, with lots of high-tech businesses and high-rise buildings like in New York City, but the city, and all its people, are right next to fancy palaces and ancient ruins. The people there ride bicycles, zip around on scooters or rickshaws, and some drive cars; they all drive on the left side of the road like in Great Britain, India, and Australia (the wrong side in the United States!). Sometimes they do all their work and moving about in little skinny boats called Ruang Hang Yao (long-tailed boats) in the many rivers and canals throughout the cities and along the coast.

Busy cities have a lot of people to feed, and there are vendors, restaurants and take-out places all over, just like in any city. A good way to taste a lot of new food is to check out a city market and find the street vendors; they have lots of little bites of lots of local favorites!

Today Captain Create has a recipe for Street Meatballs, which make a great addition to any walking lunch or dinner in a Thai market. Get the whole family involved by sharing the work; someone can mix, someone can scoop, and everyone can join in rolling the meatballs in to perfect circles!

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