Around the World in 80 Plates: Germany

Captain Create has gone to Europe this week! Germany is in Western Europe, and has beaches along the North Sea, so they are a little bit chilly. Not many surfers up there.

Germans are famous for making really good sausages and love to eat potatoes, but they also have beautiful countryside that can grow a ton of yummy fruit and vegetables too! Germany is filled with green valleys, really tall snowy mountains, and amazingly old castles. Their seasons and weather leave them with a little lower average temperatures than we have in Utah, and they have much higher humidity on average than our desert.

Nearly everyone in Germany happily plays football at some point in their lives. (European football is called soccer in the USA!) They also ski, hike, swim, ride bikes, and grow gardens for fun outside.

An easy-to-grow veggie that we all know and love is the cucumber! There are lots of different varieties of cucumbers and today we will be trying the English style… they have very small seeds, but otherwise taste like a cucumber is expected to. Sneak out the last warm days of summer with this yummy recipe, sent over from Germany!

Captain Create to share with you!

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