Around the World in 80 Plates: Lima, Peru

Remember learning about potatoes earlier this week? Do you remember how many different potatoes they can grow in Peru? Do you know where Peru is and what it looks like there?

Thats right! It is in South America, with cities, beaches, and the really really tall Andes mountains, plus they have thousands of different types of potatoes growing in Peru! The people living in the Andes mountains are thought to be some of the first potato growers in the history of the world! Holy moly!


They eat more than potatoes in Peru; They can catch lots of fish in the ocean, eat snails from the Amazon river, grow lots of yummy vegetables and fruit, and they raise animals like llamas, alpacas, chickens, guinea pigs, goats, and pigs. They also have big markets in the cities where you can walk through and meet some of the farmers and gardeners that are selling their produce. Lima is a busy city, much like New York City, while the small villages and farms in the mountains are quiet and calm, like small towns and farms in the mountains in the USA.

Lets try a recipe that has similar ingredients to those you would find in Peru, but without having to go to Peru. This is a recipe for dinner for a whole family to prepare and enjoy together.

Cutting a whole chicken in half might seem scary, but it is just a skill that takes a bit of practice. You’ll need a set of big scissors, usually in the grocery store next to the knives. Buying a whole chicken is also less expensive overall because you can eat it for a few days, and put the bones in a pot to make chicken broth for later. You can see the video from the adapted recipe here, made by Martha Stewart.

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