Super Stone Fruit!

The summer season has the largest variety of fruits and vegetables, so let’s make an effort to try them all! Farmers’ Markets and orchards are opening up all over the state, and offer a lot of food grown nearby. Apricots are “on” right now by our house.

In Utah, Apricots are in season from July to early september, so depending on where your trees are growing, there could be whole rows of trees full of tasty tart fruit for you to pick and take home. When you pick apricots, they should be all the same shade, firm to the touch, and feel plump in your hand. Once you get them home, store them on the counter if they are not quite ripe, and once they ripen, they can go in the fridge for up to 5 days. You’ll eat them before then, though, because they are really yummy. The next trees that will have stone fruits ready for you are cherries, peaches, and plums.

Have you ever tried a fruit from the stone fruit family? Stone fruits are called that because they have a big, rock hard seed right in the middle, and you can’t bite through it. Like if you were to bite a stone!

What are you going to make with your stone fruits you pick or get at the farmers’ market?

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