Recipe of the Week: Speedy Egg Cups

Do you ever need a fast breakfast without making a mess? Cereal gets a little bit boring sometimes so why not try a Speedy Egg Cup? All you need is an egg, some stuff to stir in, and a microwave! For one egg with a few things stirred in, it takes our microwave about one minute. Every microwave is different, so you make have to put your egg back in if it is not cooked all the way

Today we used sausage, green onion, and cheese. Sometimes we use bell peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms. It just depends on what we have, or what is in the garden. We always have a piece of toast with our scrambled egg cup, and either a glass of milk or juice.

How many food groups can you stir into an egg cup? Protein from the egg, dairy from a bit of cheese, and veggies like tomatoes and peppers will get some vegetable servings in there, too. Add a piece of whole grain toast and drink a glass of juice with it, and you’ll have covered all the groups on the MyPlate plate in one meal!

What if you do jumping jacks or the minute or so your egg is cooking? What other quick physical activity can you do while you wait?

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