Egg-cellent Source of Protein

Eggs have all sorts of uses in cooking and baking, and they are a great way to get a protein-filled breakfast or snack in a hurry.

One egg counts as one serving from the protein group, and you need 5 servings a day! That doesn’t mean you need 5 eggs a day, but it sure is an easy way to think in your mind about how big one serving of protein really is.

Along with protein, eggs have lots of goodies in the yolk to keep you healthy. Vitamin D helps your bones store calcium, and Vitamin B12 helps keep your energy up and your blood cells doing important blood cell jobs.

How do you eat eggs at your house? We make scrambled egg tacos for breakfast with onions, peppers, cheese, and potatoes. Dad likes to take hard boiled eggs in his lunch; he takes the shell off and adds hot sauce and a few crackers. Share your family’s favorite egg recipe with us in the comments, and stop by tomorrow to see what egg dish Captain Create has found in Israel!

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