Recipe of the Week: Customizable Fruity Popsicles!

It is getting hot outside, and all that running and playing and stretching with Captain Create will leave you hot and hungry, so lets make a cool treat the whole family can enjoy!

This tiny human likes anything red, so we made strawberry popsicles, but you can do any flavor you’d like! When these are all gone, I am going to make pineapple and coconut, and my other tiny human wants to make purple popsicles, so I think we will mix a few berries for hers.

We pureed our berries with a scoop of chia seeds, a little bit of sugar, and water, then filled up the mold and let it freeze overnight. We have a handy-dandy popsicle mold, but a stick and a paper or plastic cup will work just as well.

A muffin paper will help to catch drips if it is really warm out, or if you are a small person with a small tongue.

How many food groups do you think you can mix into a popsicle? Ours had the fruit group and the protein group (chia seeds have lots of protein!). If you’re up for a popsicle challenge, freeze a smoothie for an extra cold and healthy snack.

or check out our smoothie roundup at Create Better Health, and mix up all the healthy combinations you can think of!

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