Celebrate National Orange Juice Day!

Research shows vitamin C is important to grow and fix lots of parts in your body. Vitamin C helps heal wounds and repair and maintain healthy bones, teeth, and skin.

Sources of vitamin C are everywhere and the most famous is…

you guessed it! Oranges and Orange Juice!

Vegetarians may be interested to know that vitamin C helps the body to better absorb plant-produced iron (non-heme iron) — the kind from plant foods such as beans, spinach and quinoa. To get this benefit, combine vitamin C-rich foods with iron-rich plant foods in the same meal. For example, combine black beans and salsa or create a flavorful spinach salad with strawberries and mandarin oranges.

Have a glass of juice today! If you have more orange juice than you can drink, try this yummy way to combine orange juice and the star vegetable of spring, asparagus! Click here to try Asparagus and Orange- Tarragon Aioli!

Other sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, green and red bell peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and kiwifruits.

What is your favorite way to enjoy Oranges and Orange juice?

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