Recipe of the Week: Strawberry Scones!

Earlier this week, we got a whole case of strawberries! We ate them fresh, dunked them in hazelnut & cocoa spread (you know the one), put them in smoothies, and over bowls of ice cream… and we STILL had more strawberries. We love eating strawberries because they taste good and are packed with vitamin c, folate and no cholesterol! Yum! Today we made Whole Wheat Strawberry Scones. These are the kind of scones you find on the East coast of the United States, or in England. These are not the scones from the state fair, which are blobs of yummy fried dough.

Scones are fun to make, and they make a little bit of a mess. You can only mix them until they just hold together, otherwise they bake into something like strawberry flavored rocks. You mix up all the dry ingredients like flour, salt, baking powder and a pinch of sugar, then “cut in” the butter. This means you cut up the butter with a food processor, or two knives, so that it makes little pieces. When it bakes, the butter melts and leaves flaky scones behind.

You add in the wet ingredients, yogurt and eggs, stir twice, and then dump it all out on the counter! Then you mix it into what the professional bakers call a “shaggy mass”. It will be a lumpy blob, with dry bits and wet bits. This part is messy, and that is okay! Pat it lightly into a circle and cut wedges.

Today’s chef in charge decided we needed sprinkles to go with our red strawberries. He brushed the tops of the scones with milk and added his favorite color, RED! (I would have used rainbow sprinkles, but I wasn’t in charge this morning.)

Once your scones are baked, let them cool a bit. Strawberries can get really hot! These were eaten so fast this morning that I didn’t even get to take a picture of them when they came out of the oven!

You can always make these with cherries, raspberries, apricots, peaches, or even tomatoes and rosemary if you need a scone to go with soup! (There are no rules!)

Recipe adapted from Natasha’s Kitchen.

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