Sweet Springtime Strawberries!

It’s getting warmer outside and that means spring snacks like strawberries!  The strawberry is one of the most widely grown fruits in the world. Most of the strawberries we see at stores in Utah have come to us on a truck from a warmer state, and make the perfect sweet treat. Strawberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C. One serving, about 8 strawberries, has just as much Vitamin C as an orange! Plus, they are low in calories and sugar.

Strawberries are versatile fruits. That means you can add them to all sorts of things, sweet or not, and it will be yummy! Here is a list of ways we like to eat strawberries during strawberry season.

  1. Fresh in your hand! Wash your hands and the berries and have a few for a snack. They taste even better when you’re outside in the sun
  2. Fresh and Chocolate-covered: Warm a bit of chocolate and dip your strawberries. Let them cool for a sweet snack
  3. The star of a smoothie! Create a smoothie with 100% juice, your strawberries, fresh spinach, low-fat yogurt, and ice.
  4. Sliced over whole wheat pancakes or waffles: Skip the syrup and add strawberries, banana slices, and even blueberries to your healthy breakfast.
  5. Layered up in a Parfait: Layer up low-fat yogurt, diced strawberries, and granola for an afternoon snack.
  6. Sweet and Hot Strawberry Salsa: Mix some strawberries, pineapple, red onion, cilantro and jalapenos together for a fruity addition to pork chops or whole grain chips.
  7. Strawberry-Ade: puree fresh berries, add splash of lemon juice, a touch of sugar, and serve over ice!
  8. Brighten up a Salad: Slices of strawberries will brighten up a fresh spinach, toasted nuts, and grilled chicken salad with a light poppyseed dressing.
  9. Sweeten your morning muffins: Strawberries are a great way to make a rad red muffin for breakfast.
  10. Preserve them for later in Jam: Help a grown up make a batch of freezer jam, to enjoy all the strawberry goodness later in the year when they aren’t in season anymore.

How will you eat strawberries this spring? Let us know in the comments!

My friend Candi made Strawberry Sherbet… Find her recipe here: Strawberry Sherbet

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