It’s National Grilled Cheese Day!

Warm melty cheese, and crispy, crunchy toast make up my idea of a perfect grilled cheese sandwich. What do you like on your grilled cheese?

My dad uses soft Mexican cheese and spicy jalapeƱos. My friend Marci puts ham slices in her grilled cheese. Once when I was traveling, I found a grilled cheese sandwich truck that put four different kinds of cheese on my sandwich! There are no rules when it comes to making a grilled cheese sandwich.

My mom taught me to make these, and now I will share her way with you!

First, gather what you’ll need: whole wheat bread, cheddar or monterey jack cheese, a little bit of butter and a good frying pan with a lid. Slice your cheese, and turn your pan on low to warm up. When your pan is hot, spread a little bit of butter on one side of each piece of bread. Butter is a “sometimes” food, and we only need a little bit of it for each slice of bread because it will melt and go a long way. Put your bread in the warm pan, butter side down. Then add a layer of cheese, and your other slice of bread, butter side up.

Next is the secret to perfectly melty cheese: put a lid on it! Since our pan is only heated to low, it will not burn our bread, but will warm up slowly so that the cheese has time to melt. After a minute, check the bottom piece of bread. Is it nice and toasty and turning golden? Yes? Then it is time to flip our sandwich. You may need a grown-up to help you so that you don’t burn your hand.

What food groups are in a grilled cheese sandwich?

What can you do to add more food groups to your meal?

Today our grocery store had ugly tomatoes, which are perfect to blend into a tomato soup and eat with a grilled cheese sandwich. Come back on Thursday to see how to make Ugly Tomato Soup!

Here are a few other ideas to make a grilled cheese sandwich:

  • Mozzarella with Tomatoes and Basil Pesto
  • Pepperoni, Pizza Sauce and Olives with Pizza Blend Cheese
  • Chicken, Bacon bits, Pepperjack cheese
  • Blue cheese with Ham and Fresh Pears
  • Sauteed Spinach, Artichokes, and Provolone
  • Bacon, Scrambled Egg, and Cheddar cheese
  • Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Havarti and fresh Sage and Thyme

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