Spring Veggies = Snacktime!

Spring is almost here! The birds are starting to sing, the trees have buds, and my daffodils are almost to bloom! Spring makes me think of green…

Which MyPlate group is GREEN?

How do you eat your vegetables? There are lots of them, and lots of ways to enjoy them, but why eat vegetables? What do they do for your body?

Vegetables are the food group that can keep you from getting sick! They are full of Vitamins A and C, have good fiber, iron, and a lot of other good vitamins and minerals to keep you going strong.

Broccoli and carrots can grow all the time, asparagus and snap peas are best (and cost less) in the spring. Tomatoes (which you all know are really a fruit!) can be grown outside in the summertime, or grown in greenhouses the rest of the year.

Our favorite afternoon snack is a big plate of vegetables, whole grain crackers, and dip. This gives us enough energy to finish up our homework, then we can go outside to play. We made hummus and veggie dip to go with our snack plate today.

In the Mediterranean, this is called a Mezze plate, and it just means snacks (more or less) and there are no rules! Put what you like on your plate! I have made them with ham and cheese to make cracker sandwiches, all fruit with fruit dip, or even a pizza platter, with all the pizza things, and tomato sauce for dip!

Want to know the best part of a big snack plate?! No extra dishes to wash afterward! Just be sure everyone washes their hands before joining in, and used a napkin to keep the floor clean.

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