Recipe of the Week: Create a Pizza!/ Hacer una Pizza!

Making pizza is a great way to create Family Mealtime and get creative while staying healthy.

How many things can you put on a pizza? It only depends on how big it is. Captain Create loves making pizza because you can fill up all the sections on MyPlate by carefully choosing what to add to your pizza.

First, mix up a batch of Whole Wheat Pizza Dough:

Kneading the dough is an important step to make sure it is all mixed up and will roll out into a good looking pizza shape.

The Whole Wheat crust gives us one serving from the Grains group. Since tomatoes are actually a fruit, all you need are a few veggies, a protein, and a dairy group food…

What can you add to pizza to make sure all your groups are covered? Captain Create has a chart to help you make a custom pizza creation.

This tiny one made a cheese and red sauce pizza, but guess what! Mom put chopped zucchini in the sauce too! What MyPlate groups does her cheese pizza fill up? What food group is it missing?

No matter what kind of pizza you create, it always tastes better when you share!

Crear su propio estilo de pizza con Captain Create!

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